Nodì was born in San Paolo di Civitate (FG), a small town at the foot of Monti Dauni. The Daunia, also known as Capitanata, is an ancient region of the north Apulia, between the rivers Fortore and Ofanto that nowadays fits with Province of Foggia. Lowland, mountain, sea; elements that here express themselves in a perfect synthesis, with the scenarios offered by waves of grain of the Tavoliere, with the dense vegetation of the National Park of Gargano, with caves and seabed so fascinating.

The Daunia has its origins in mythology. It is said, that Dauno was a Greek king who came from the Arcadia and fight the Ausoni and Messapi to assure the domain of the land.
In this important mission he was supported by Diomedes, another mythological hero, landed on the Gargano in his pilgrimage after Troy war. So Diomedes gained the Dauno trust, and for his high military value he got the Greek king’s daughter as a wife and for a dowry some part of Apulia. Diomedes choose for him the Gargano and the Tremiti highlands (also known as Diomedee Highlands), while Dauno takes the lowlands and the mountains.

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